Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today - Some Virtual Places with Great Info

Education never ends, we learn new things each day, especially curious souls like us.

If you have been in the same job, lived in the same town, socialized with the same friends - for years now, you may need a lift.

There are a multitude of free courses available on-line

 I strongly recommend that you challenge yourself from time to time. You can check out these places for more Info:  

There are also events - on-line webinars, which can be fun.


Currently there are two events happening TODAY that may have some good information for you.

  • ONE - #ContentTECH


    In the #ContentTECH portal (virtual event) there is some helpful info about various ideas on Content Strategy, a topic I have been talking about lately.  Check out a free eBook given out from a sponsor of the event Act-On Software - it has some helpful ideas to help focus your message to your readers.
         8 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

In the Indie Recon event - you can go back and watch what happened yesterday, and join in today's events too. It is never too late to join the conversation or learn something new. 
Here is the schedule.

Keep reading - Keep writing!



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