Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Writing is a continuous process, always leading in new directions and to new ideas. As we sit at our desks, characters sometimes blaze the way - at other times we need to coax them along, and end up with pages of prose that need our fervent hand to delete the 'little darlings' - those words we feel, yet they don't belong in the story.

Even the best of authors had their moments of rehashing, rewriting, rearranging of the words.... so as writers ourselves, we need to read the work on the previous pavement, study the methods, and hopefully it will add dimension to our own craft.

Walt Whitman, one of the most original of American writers, was no exception.  In fact, he viewed his work as a continuous work in progress. In that light, his most famous poem, Song to Myself  was published in various layouts at various times.  

It began as  I celebrate myself in the 1855 edition.  
In the 1856 edition, it is called Poem of Walt Whitman, an American. 
In 1860, it is simply, Walt Whitman. So it is in 1867 and 1871.

The original form was continuous, but the last and most updated version in 1881 was fixed into 52 parts.

Currently there is a course offered for FREE at The Writing University for a  MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for creative writing through the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa

   Every Atom

In this course we are hearing analysis and participating in discussions about Walt Whitman's  
Song of Myself 
Please find a free copy from 
Leaves of Grass Distributed under a Creative Commons Licencse and edited by  Ed Folsom & Kenneth M. Price

Check out the many other MOOC's available. Expand your knowledge base. The more a person learns,  the more that person needs to know...  

A wise person realizes this insatiable thirst, yearns for more knowledge from within this world, and grasps at it with a curious hand.

There are a multitude of free courses available on-line and for many subjects: science, philosophy, writing, business

Challenge yourself and learn something NEW or just brush up on something you thought you knew...

You can check out these places for more Info:  
For those on the go - Pod casts and Audio books are the way to go. Check out these free resources too!


Keep reading - Keep writing!

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