Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring, Life Reinventing Itself

Another spring...

This is when we enliven our faith in humanity and look towards a brighter future.

The soul is a precise gift and makes the human experience different, transcending into a higher level from other living creatures.

The atrocities in this world, and the monsters that exist because they reject the moral cry of the soul, are heard about everyday. We are bombarded by the news - bad news, about how one person can hurt another human.

We  need to hear more often about the goodness that resides in human beings - that inner strength of moral character, our salvation - our promise and hope for a brighter future.

On this holiday season of Passover, Easter and spring -

I invite you to think about something good and make it a practice to do this each day. 

Let it become part of you.

We become what we aspire to - we are what we learn.

Our behavior can be improved each day with just the smallest of reminders, the tiniest thought can bloom into a great action of love.

Never underestimate the little things in life.


 Keep reading - Keep writing!



RIP - Thinking of you with a smile - Happy Easter

Dana R Labbee


Lisa Horzazuk