Friday, February 3, 2017

Quick Review- Letters To The Damned by Austin Crawley

Letters To The Damned by Austin Crawley

This book is an old fashioned creepy tale that will immerse you into the world of an old village and pumps the imagination with pictures that move, disappearing sounds, magic ceremonies and vague threats by bulls.

The author brings dimension to the character Cris Lopez, not the usual type to be venturing into an English village alone on vacation. There's charm in the details of the village, and definitely loads the atmosphere with mystique.

The story has an authentic Gothic feel to it for those who like the old fashioned tales. It doesn't have a fast pace but it didn't lag either.

A few elements in the story were confusing, and maybe they were meant to remain that way, or maybe a follow up book - perhaps. In my opinion, there were some chances missed in the story to build up the suspense. The characters' emotions could have been shown more intensely, and then this would have been a terrifying tale. At times the small everyday minutia became a little redundant and took the focus away from the protagonists emotional pull, but not long enough for me to give up on the story. I wanted to finish the book and find out how it fleshed out.

Over all, a good read. If you enjoy pondering what lies in the mist, and don't worry about perfection with an author, then this story is for you. I think this author is someone to watch for future books.

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