Friday, June 12, 2015

Series Review of Beck Casey Thrillers: Fallout, Final Epidemic and more-by author Earl Merkel

Wonder what makes a series successful?

Me too, so I read as many series as possible. Here's a great political spy series - Beck Casey Thrillers!

Fans of the TV show 24  you'll love Beck Casey! 

Check out my review and visit Amazon if you think you'll enjoy the thrills too.

Fallout (A Beck Casey Thriller)

Kindle Edition
by Earl Merkel (Author)

Always on the move. . .

Another great Beck Casey story that pivots in various directions, until multiple strings meet and intertwine for an explosive conclusion. Followers of the series would expect nothing less. The story melds many political threads, foes and allies. The reader will get a close look at the threats and motivations of the characters as the plot pushes forward. Never a dull moment, from assassinations, buildings blown up, to computer viral threats. Even though a genre spy story, there are some unique characters in this book, using friends to fill in the ranks needed to pull off this complex story; like mine, a bomb tech, shows up in chapter 63! The plot uses all forces, from CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI6 and more . . . Definitely an insane political ride with surprises at every step. A great political thriller for the serious reader.