Friday, September 1, 2017

Book Review of Island of the Dolls - One Scary Tale

Island of the Dolls

by Jeremy Bates 

If you enjoy horror stories involving creepy places then you'll enjoy this tale and all the other stories written by Jeremy Bates. I am a fan of Bates, and all the books I've read by this author pull the reader into the suspense, drench you into the scene, and keep your heart pumping while emerging into the action that lurks around the next corner. In this story the protagonist is very human, vulnerable and in the end gains something. There is also another story thread that relates to the present story and the switching back and forth was smooth and placed in the appropriate moments on the timeline...

 The setting is the Island, a horrific place where childhood tragedy is glorified, as if that could ever help, and invokes the slanted surreal feeling to everything that happens at that place. The details are creepy. The pace of the action is intense (some fights, some sex) but the characters unfold slowly, peeling away layers of themselves the more you read on, until the deeper troubles and reality surfaces, and the reader will say, "yes, that makes sense". Something different in this story from other books written by Bates is the happy ending. But after the whirlwind of horrific cruelty that some of the characters had to endure, I think it is wise to give the guy a break.
I recommend all the Jeremy Bates books, especially this one. But be forewarned - you'll never look at a doll in the same way again.
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