Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cutting the Bloodline

by Angeline Trevena is a great novella about a crime-free society and the chaos and repercussions it causes.’

It’s an inventive storyline, set in the future 2052 England, a society that decides that a crime-free environment is worth the segregation of certain types of people, based solely on a DNA test that hasn’t been fully studied in an honest effort. Today as a modern society, we’ve already been exposed to political agendas that have turned out horribly wrong. We’ve seen affected factions of society, who are left in dire consequences because of faulty policy and laws. Think of the leprosy colonies and their segregation from normal society over the centuries, as an example. In this plot, the agenda for power creates a struggle between sides, some calling for a revolution.

The turmoil comes to a head when the protagonist, Journalist Kenton Hicks, decides to write a tell-all book. This story thread, of course, has my full attention at this point.

The author did a great job with the characterizations. Kenton’s personality is fleshed out well, and we experience his struggle as a writer, and his ability (or lack thereof) to accept his work as merited and needed. He interviews the lost generation, those shunned by mainstream society. He questions how far society should be allowed to go—using advanced technology to label babies as criminal before they are even born.

The characters feel authentic, the situation defined. More development and transition in the relationship between Kenton and Amie would have been nice, since both characters are so wonderful. They went from a hostile first interview to Kenton becoming too involved. The growth of the relationship between them is implied, and because it’s a novella, less words available for it to evolve. The reader needs to embellish the love interest a bit. Fair enough, this is not a romance but a Sci-Fi Utopia story, after all.

The plot thickens and as policy makers are challenged, they react as if threatened. Soon Kenton’s life is in danger. The people who follow his cause are also vulnerable.

The scenes are action packed and will keep you reading . . . This is a refreshing plot and begs us to question—that bad things will develop if we are not careful about the policies we back. I enjoyed reading this story and found the characters engaging, and hope to read more about these characters and more stories from Angeline Trevena. Well done!

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Review of Book Trilogy by Martin Crosbie

The My Temporary Life Trilogy by Martin Crosbie

My Temporary Life-Book One

A wonderful story with great characters and honest writing.
As a reader, I was easily drawn into the world of a young Scottish boy named Malcolm and stayed with him during his journey to manhood. This is an excellent story that's written in the first person.

It's a story about finding a sense of home, overcoming obstacles in which there is no control and still coming out a good person. We watch young Mal develop his relationships, his struggle against bullies, his confusion as he tries to connect with his father, and the lack of having a real relationship with his mother. We never know what life will deal us, the only thing we can do is our best with a situation and make choices that are true to our own nature.

As an adult, Malcolm goes to the extreme for those he loves, proves to himself who he is and where his loyalties rest, his true home. This novel is a great journey written by Martin Crosbie and I highly recommend it for those who enjoy reading honest characters, and if you are not afraid to face horrible realities.

I also recommend an open heart and a few tissues. On to the next book about Malcolm's friend, Hardly.

My Name Is Hardly-Book Two

Hardly understands the meaning of friendship...
We follow Malcolm's friend, Hardly, and his spiritual growth after he's away from his abusive parents when he moves in with Malcolm's father after Mal leaves for Canada. We readers see his career in the military and his strange assignments.

This is a unique story with lovable characters who grow and become better people as they experience tough situations and survive. Their strong bonds of friendship keep them going.

The plot is unexpected, entertaining, suspenseful, and delivers a rewarding finish - I highly recommend this book.

All Good Men Must Fall-Book Three

The final book in the My Temporary life series brings it all together.

Read them all, these stories won't disappoint. FIVE STARS for them all!

Available at Amazon in Kindle, print and audio format.