Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Likeness by Tana French

The Likeness: A Novel

byTana French

A Good Story but . . . 

not as good as the first in the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, 'In The Woods'. The Irish murder squad worked a compelling plot, actually it was more like two plots that intertwine - it was excellent!

Anticipating the same type of plot movement in book two, I started 'The Likeness' and was quickly disappointed. French did a good job with setting and character development, however, the plot wasn't very suspenseful.

It was all based on the nervousness of being undercover and trying to fool the other characters (trick four close friends of the murder victim - unlikely).

The author used the writing style or technique (for lack of other words to use here) that other current authors are doing as of late; French was in the head of the protagonist most of the time. . . not my favorite type of writing POV.

Once in awhile being inside their thoughts in a tense situation is good, but when it's done too often, it takes away from everything else and it makes a poor substitute for a good plot. I was disappointed but will read Tana French again because her first book was excellent. I think this one was just a bit flat, it happens. Still, not a bad read, it will be appreciated by those readers who enjoy psychological thrillers without a lot of action. 

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