Sunday, January 25, 2015

Write Each Day - Small Stones

Writing a daily stone...
Have you heard of it?

It's the process of taking time each day to appreciate life's small things, and see how they interact inthe world, and then write the thought down. It's a good way to free write, a good practice to let your mind free to just write.

My Stone January 25, 2015


Work of letters forming on the page-
The strokes that are made by exerting pressure,
And measuring by flightful thoughts.

Words blow in the wind-
And the lucky people catch the right words,
The unlucky speak the wrong ones.

But words on the page can be crossed out,
Rearranged or blown up-
Rewritten again in new context and light.

The hand will get weary-
Get used up and tired from the relentless strokes,
Shaking as fervent thoughts flow from pen to page.

But the words that are formed-
They can live forever if someone chooses
To allow them to remain fruitful.

Write the words - share the words.

Keep reading - Keep writing!