Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Author's Treasure - Kind Words And Feedback About Their Art George Hodan

 Making ART is one of the most challenging things to do in life.


So many of us make things - but what makes it ART?

It connects part of you to others when you share the art.  For example if you like to sew clothes and you make a dress for your daughter to wear to a party - I would consider that ART.  It was created and shared - and it was original.  If you write a poem or limerick about something dear to you, and you share it on Facebook - isn't that art too?  I think so.

Art is something that comes from the heart.

Art doesn't have to be a commodity that is sold.  It can be a drawing, a poem, song or dance, stage play or a story shared.  It can be anything you create that frees part of your soul What truly makes ART shine is the sharing of it.

There is nothing better than writing a story, sharing it, and hearing feedback, especially if someone has been moved by your work.  Sometimes words read in a book can alter your view of things, and open up your mind to new ideas and possibilities.  This was one of the things that happened when I read The Answer To Your Question by Paulette Alden.  You can read my review here.  Other stories are merely to entertain and take us to other worlds to live vicariously for a moment like The Taste Of Fear by Jeremy Bates.  You can read my review on that story here

A book takes us to places in the imagination and allows us see things in a different light.

To all authors out there - keep heart even when you don't get that feedback right off.  Eventually your voice will be heard when your words reach that special reader who needed your ART to touch their heart. George HodanFor all readers - please don't hesitate to give feedback to those who bare their souls on the pages.  Your support and kind words are treasure.  Anyone who creates ART and is brave enough to share it with others is truly my hero.  I look at the work of other authors and think 'how wonderful their mind works' and how lucky I am they shared their ART.  Make yourself happy today and read a book.  Make an author happy and write a review.


Keep reading - Keep writing!


  1. Loved this, Elisabeth! I also liked the way you weaved your reviews into it. All our art is from the heart and it swells when recognized. Thank you for shining a light on this topic.

    1. Thanks Patti. You know all about 'from the heart' and you give so much of yourself to others. You are a shining star.


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