Friday, May 18, 2012

Read, Learn and Share

There are many people and organizations out there who offer web seminars and online classes to help improve writing skills. Be very careful choosing the right one if you decide to pay for the knowledge.  I have found that there are many writers, editors and publishers, who freely offer help and assistance and give useful comments and ideas.  Often the information you need is right at your fingertips.

 Open up the browser, plug in your keywords, and begin searching for the information you need.  I’ve taken the liberty of plugging (below) a couple of useful sites that I have found; they have given me insightful information and remind me of good habits to keep improving my writing skills. 

There are also many forums and discussion groups with real people, with real experience, and they are willing to help. 
I urge any writer to take advantage of the knowledge from the community already out there, already discussing the same things we all need - good writing skills.
I have never been one to ask for help, being an independent free thinker, but the knowledge I received just by asking is irreplaceable.  The “help” from a cooperative discussion exchanging  ideas, and of course the value of real experience, is priceless.  With all these forums, discussion groups, and the wonderful web browser, it is so easy to get the information you need.  It is very refreshing to have so many writers out there who are willing to share ideas with other writers.  This support has inspired me to continue working, and continue writing.  I can do this in my own way, in my own time, and with my own thoughts.  I am not part of the flock – I am an individual, respected as such, and only one voice among many other individual and unique voices.

This week I am still editing my book, focusing on the story's structure, to ensure the correct foundation is in place to create the appropriate element of tension and flow.  Just like an old fashioned sewing machine, where the user always had to keep the tension at the proper level otherwise the thread would break; the same goes with a story.  If the tension is too tight the thread will snap, and if there is no tension the stitches become a loose and the seam is no good. 

Suggestions to other (aspiring) writers-
1 -do your research, and read
2- make sure your sentences are properly structured, and read
3- make sure your idea flows forward while balancing the idea that you want to get across, and read.

 So you may have ascertained my main idea – to write well you need to know and recognize good writing. 
The best way to do this is to READ!  Happy reading to all.

Community Sites & tips from Writers/editors/publishers:
She Writes (not just for women) -Writing community

Writers Digest: articles from one of the most visited community sites

5 Simple Steps on Creating Suspense in Fiction
Great story telling
Writing Inspiration from Andre Dubus III: How to Stay True to Yourself
9 must follow manuscript rules:


There are also so many writers who have blog pages filled with useful ideas and knowledge regarding formatting, software, self-publishing, creating ebooks, and much more, to help.

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