Friday, May 11, 2012

Editing My Own Ideas

In a recent on-line discussion between writers, it was mentioned that there are many famous authors who are able work closely with assigned editors to complete their work. Since I am not a published author yet, and very new to the process, I am basically on my own and get to work through this "editing process" on my own. I may want to pay for a professional to look at my work when I am finished, before I send it to any potential publishers, but limited to only what my wallet allows.

So I am very quickly learning the do's and dont's, and I am grateful for the many blog and discussion sites on the web where writers can share their experiences.  Without an editor to guide me, I find myself questioning my own ideas at times.  Working on a larger project also causes some confusion for me at times.  That's when I step away for a while, and then come back with a fresh view (at least I try to).

My story's idea for my first book came to me by chance. I wanted to write something that would horrorify and keep the reader on their toes, because like most, I love a good scare. Then I started reading up on some interesting people I heard about, the Timucua tribe, who are now extinct but used to live in the Florida area.  As I did more research, a story emerged.

I ended up with a tale of a family curse - tied to a ceremony enacted centuries ago.  A young couple meet and together struggle to end the curse, and of course fall in love. There is a lot of family drama, supernatural undertones, and some crime.  A real stew!  I really hope someone will be able to enjoy the story. Right now I am working on the last few editing steps....

I can't wait until I am finished.

I hope you love this song as much as I do!

head and the heart - Lost in My Mind

I started work on my web site - send me any suggestions -

"Hanged, not as Spaniards, but as traitors, robbers, and murderers”
was the response of Captain Dominique De Gourgues to the Spanish brutal slaying of the French colonists who were
"hanged, not as Frenchmen, but as Lutherans and heretics."

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  1. @ Elisabeth - Interesting. I always enjoy reading your articles.


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