Friday, April 20, 2012

Take a break to reflect

So much information is at our fingertips, uploading to multiple sites with the touch of a button. It's wonderful and exciting but the question is…"Who has time to read it all?"

There is something to be said to pulling the plug and taking a break from the social dialogue. Turn it off for an opportunity to actually absorb and process the information we have been bombarded with already.

So the challenge is - disconnect for a day or so and see what happens. Believe me it will not make things dull.

Many of us have forgotten how to analyze, comprehend and truly appreciate these "things" we are exposed to everyday. I am as guilty as anyone, often forgetting to value the idea. I sometimes neglect to perceive the deeper thoughts behind the words, and gather only the face value instead. Many of us jam too much information into a day, leaving us empty in the end.  We need time to reflect.

Our relationships can weaken if we don't take the proper time to foster them.  We instead spend time cultivating our social media. My point is let's take the time to appreciate the moment, the idea or the word for what it is, savor it and then add it into our own personal tapestry, filled with enrichment.  Let others know you appreciate and validate their viewpoints.  Step back and give yourself time to process your own feelings about this intelligence we are exposed to. Nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

The same applies with writing. During the editing process, I am experiencing the hardship of honestly seeing what is in front of me. The story was created in my head well in advance of it hitting the page. To edit and review the words with fresh eyes is a challenge. To help myself in the process, I discovered the best method is to wait with patience and give myself space, step back and remove my preconceptions, and then view again trying to envision it without anticipations. I must concede, for me this is the hardest part of writing.

So in an earnest attempt to step back - I will be on vacation this week! I know it will be rough but I will give it my best shot. All joking aside, the challenge will be trying not to hop onto the computer. Even from the beach however, I will still be writing something, if not on the computer then in my head.

For now, this is me signing off for today.

REM Everybody Hurts   click link
I hope you enjoy this music video.  Everytime I watch and listen I SEE something else revealing....

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  1. @ Elisabeth - On "Take a break to reflect." I find your writing style to be suburb. I also enjoyed the ideas that you shared in this brief article. I read your post last week also. Thank you. Keep at it. Don't give up. Lack of persistence is the primary cause of failure.


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