Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's begin

This is the first day I begin to blog. Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me, so I guess I am off to a good start. I decided to JUMP. Not sure if I JUMPED out of my cubicle at work to start writing at home, or if I JUMPED into writing. Either way - I JUMPED!

I began writing a book almost two years ago, working at it part time. I finally decided to try to polish it up, do some editing and finish it. I hope to continue with more ideas and stories after my first is completed.

The reason I started writing is a little complicated. Ever since college I have always wanted to write, but for years kept stories in my head because I never had the time to write them down. Then two years ago a very close member of our family died unexpectantly, a great loss. Life is so short and we never know what is ahead. I decided I needed to do something now. I knew it is now or never and so I began to put an idea down on paper. The process of actually writing became infectious. I would sit at my desk for hours writing, reading and writing again. I found a joy and release I never had experienced before, and I beleive it makes me a better person. (at least in my head I am )

This is my first blog - I have visited other people's blogs who have a lot more material to offer and I hope that soon I will be able to add more as I learn this new nedium of blogging. For now, this is me signing off for today.

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  1. @ Elisabeth - Welcome to the world of blogging with your first blog, "I jumped! Into writing..."

    I enjoyed your thoughts. Also, your site has a very visually appealing look.

    Keep up with your writing and remember to post blogs regularly. Keep on posting them of linkedin so everybody, including myself, can keep up with them.

    Thank you.


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