Monday, January 29, 2018

A Serial Killer's Gruesome Tale

I've mentioned this book in a post when I finished reading it, but never blogged a review for one of the best horror stories I've read in the past few years!

Warning - Only read it if you don't mind getting into the details of one sadistic and twisted serial killer. The book is graphic but also reveals an original plot, as we follow two threads until they meet,  two sides that basically reveal the extremes of good vs. evil.

Mr. Midnight written by Author Allan Leverone 

This story is told from the dark side, a horrific thriller (in a good way) revealing the antagonist's perspective completely. Again - warning - nothing is held back.

It's a winner for horror readers, a tale filled with unexpected twists, some expected suspense, and not withholding any of the gore. Fans of Criminal Minds or the various CSI TV series will enjoy the look deep inside of the killer's psyche.

The paranormal ability shared by the protagonist and the killer is an interesting new perspective, as they both experience 'flickers'. There is not a doubt, he is a  monster, and as I read the story I felt real horror and fear for Caitlyn, the good protagonist turned victim. 

This book is a page turner for sure.
Here's part of the book's description:
 "Given up for adoption just hours after her birth, thirty-year-old Caitlyn Connelly has longed her entire life to uncover her family history. Subject to bizarre and inexplicable visions, Cait is desperate to learn whether her biological mother can provide any insight as to the origin of her unusual ability.
When a local investigator learns Cait was born in a Boston suburb, the Tampa lawyer wastes no time booking a flight to the East Coast. In Boston, with the city under siege by a killer known as "Mr. Midnight," Cait's visions intensify, morphing from merely annoying to graphic and terrifying.
Worse, Cait begins to realize she shares a strange psychic connection with the depraved sociopath; a connection that may just get her killed.
As Cait and the murderer are drawn inexorably toward a violent confrontation, unraveling a decades-old mystery might be the only thing that prevents her from becoming the next victim...of Mr. Midnight."
 The author, Allan Leverone, has penned a few other books in the supernatural/paranormal genre but by far this is the scariest. Leverone has also penned a suspense thriller and spy series starring the character Tracie Tanner, a cold-war time piece.
Look for all his other titles and follow this NY Times best seller's new works.

Keep reading - Keep writing!

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