Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review of A True Gothic Tale

Within The Glass Darkly: Volume 1 of the Glass Darkly Gothic Vampire Series
written by William Gareth Evans
This book is truly written with Gothic flare but can pass muster for today's discerning horror thriller reader. The atmosphere is an extra character, and the plot is well paced and challenges the nerves.
It has been awhile since a book in the Gothic genre has entertained me so well. The story rings true, all the expectations of an old-fashioned horror tale are met. Unlike the old books, this story held nothing back. The macabre was presented to the adult reader in an honest manner while adhering to the conventions of a real Gothic horror. Great scenes and descriptions of churches and Paris streets, developed characters with love interests and secrets, and let's not forget the heroes and villains who jump off the page.

Don't read this book in the dark.

I first read the short story Carmilla by J.S. Le Fanu since the author did get inspiration from that short story and used the character General Spielsdorf, as his protagonist, and the Karnstein brother and sister as antagonists. The author, William Garrett Evans, breathed new life into these characters and submerged them into a twisting plot that kept a good pace. The horrors were over the top, just the way we like our Gothic fiction.

I will begin the second book in the series, compelled to see what develops for General Theodore Spielsdorf and his new associates introduced at the end of the first tale. It suggests an even deeper, mystery with much more to come . . .
I'm looking forward to reading book two.
More about the author:

William Gareth Evans is from Wales and trained as a professional actor, he has worked in theater and television. He has written, produced and directed touring shows with his own company, and now is an associate director of a successful London based management for professional performers. 'Within The Glass Darkly' is his first novel. As a writer/lyricist, he has been involved in many musical theater productions, including two previous shows that were broadcast on BBC and independent radio in the UK.
'Dracula' was his first collaborative musical theatre project this century. The professionally produced CD is available from the Dracula musical website and other online stores. The professionally directed video of "Within My World" from the musical has been continuously broadcast on the O-Music channel during 2009. It is also available to watch via the internet.
William's company co-produced a feature length horror movie by an established and award winning screenwriter/director which was released in 2010. William is currently working on another novel and has just written new material for the complete Dracula musical recording.

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