Friday, April 1, 2016

The Hitler Deception: A Tracie Tanner Thriller (Tracie Tanner Thrillers Book 4)

by Allan Leverone

Another exciting Tracie Tanner thriller, where the plot keeps rolling into another dimension of impossible, keeping the strong heroine, Tracie Tanner CIA secret operative, working through dilemmas, which she must overcome to survive. She is quick to assess her surroundings and the situations she finds herself in by her resourcefulness. The other characters in the story also have deep roots and feel real, giving the book great dimension.

As always dealing with her boss, CIA Aaron Stallings is problematic. Worse, her new assignment in Wuppertal, West Germany has pitfalls from the start. She is thrown into a situation where Intel is sketchy, there’s no time for even minimal planning, and reconnaissance is nonexistent. Tanner relies on her instincts to get the job done, but with her skills, that’s enough.

Her new partner, Matthias Gruber, is an unknown in the deal, but they decide to work together, both dedicated to get the job done**spoiler alert**—Eliminate Hitler.

Even more surprises arise, and the mission keeps morphing into something new to overcome, right until the very end.

It is evident that the author researched which adds to the validity. The outrageous claims seem imaginable, once the story unfolds. The tension is well paced throughout and hooks along the way, keeping the reader riveted to the pages. There are many punches enacted in these action scenes, but still with a reverence for saving innocent lives whenever possible, which I applaud. 

I recommend this story for those who enjoy action-packed thrillers.


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