Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monsters Are Real - We Fool Ourselves

Human Monsters

The late morning sun was warm on my face, with closed eyes I drifted into rest,
Neighborhood dogs were barking, one trying to outdo the other, sounds growing louder.
The caws of birds and some squeaks in flight, then the buzz, of bees
Working diligently, going from one flower to the next,
Gathering the last of the blossom pollen to make their nectar.
We humans are part of this nature –
We too gather and toil away by shear instinct, when we allow.
Often we manifest ourselves with our intellect instead,
That part of us, We think, that ranks us above the rest of nature.
We use it to reason, to excuse and create, but sometimes it is the birthplace for the unthinkable.
It is a ruse, a screen, and a place to hide the hideous things we reason inside.
Our darkest thoughts are raised by it, turned into monsters and then we do the unnatural –
We hurt, war, kill and maim in the name of humanity.
We bring our rank down below the natural world; we turn ourselves into the devil.
Can we turn our dark to light, and bring thoughts forward to uplift?
Politicians are not the only users of the screen – we all use the words to hide.
So each day you choose your road – intellect or nature…. Do what is natural,
Be part of the earth, uplift each other and keep the monsters in the closets of the other’s mind.
Like an animal, watchful of danger, stay away from the human monsters.
Be an example of the goodness that comes when we follow our nature,
True human nature, which thrives on community and the spirit of friendship,
Creation for its own sake, for beauty to be shared,
And where monsters are make-believe, and
Not dreamt up to explain the horrors done, from man onto man.
Photography & Poem Created by Elisabeth Zguta ©

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  1. Thought provoking Lisa, and very true that we all have our dark side where we make decisions based on self-interest, greed, lust, blah, blah, blah....but I think the "natural" side you mention of being motivated by community does not come all that natural though. It takes significant effort to work together; to be self aware and know what we have to offer others and what we need from others to make ourselves and our loved ones be the best they can be. I think being a productive part of a community is very difficult - but worth the effort..and yes then things are in harmony (most of the time!) I enjoyed reading this Lisa. Great job.

    1. Very cool words Anna, and you are right. Good things usually take work.


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