Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Will You Cross Off Your Bucket List in 2013?

With Dana Sitar to celebrate the launch of "A Writer's Bucket List"



As writers, our lists usually involve publishing a piece of work, our ART. This is the year I plan to release my first novel,


It is a manuscript that has been on my writer's bucket list for a while now!
A work in progress for three years, finally I see the end of the tunnel. 

Now only two more items to check off my list in 2013!

#1 Sending free copies to a few choice friends and readers asking for some final feedback, and hopefully a review or two.  I have it formatted, so anyone interested, please send me an email.
#2 finalizing my cover design – currently there is a working option, but the final cover is not chosen, hoping for a few more choices.  I plan to use a designer to check the final file and formatting.

With all the steps below already checked off, and the last two soon to be done, I am confident I will be releasing the novel this year.  How do I feel about it? - SCARED!  It is difficult to let go.

My first work has been a labor of love, and I have enjoyed the process.  I have two more manuscripts in the works and hope to follow shortly with another release after “BREAKING CURSED BONDS”.  I hope you will enjoy my work in the near future.


Working on my manuscript part time while working a full-time job for two years, I am now writing full time. I decided I needed to finish what I began, and give it my best effort.

I have a lot I can check off as accomplished, and that makes me feel good.

ü First Draft Finished

ü Requested Feedback & Comments from First Readers

ü Revised and Added Material

ü Printed and Made Corrections

ü Sent Copy to an Editor

ü Reviewed Editor’s Report and Revised Manuscript

ü Rewrite & Self Edit (this actually was done in a few cycles!)

ü Then it was converted to epub and mobi format to view and edit again, checking how the new material added looked.

ü Then I read it aloud and made more changes to dialogue

ü Again edited and checked for straggling mistakes not caught with built in spell and grammar checks

Best of luck to you and YOUR ART! Keep Writing.

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A message from Dana Sitar-

Thank you for your support of “A Writer’s Bucket List” throughout this journey. I’m so excited today to announce the book’s OFFICIAL RELEASE!

You can buy it here: http://e-junkie.com/danasitar

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  1. Your list of crossed-off items looks so impressive. Congrats!! :)

  2. Thanks for joining the hop, Elisabeth! Agreed with Terry -- and best wishes with the final touches :)

  3. Dropping by from the blog hop and it seems like you have already accomplished a lot! Congratulations and best of luck on the release of your manuscript this year! Any time you let your work go it's scary, but don't forget to believe in yourself. You've already come a very long way!

  4. Releasing your first book is always a rush, and a great thing to cross off your bucket list! It is also very scary, it's true. But with that massive list already checked off, I have no doubt you'll be able to release the book soon and everything will go really well. :) Best of luck!

  5. Elisabeth, your blog is awesome. You jumped into writing, but I was pushed, by my son. 2012 year was a learning experience for me and I know I've got to do better in 2013. I am excited at the release of your first book especially as I am at that stage with mine. I am excited yet scared. Good luck with the cover design I know it will be great.

  6. Wonderful detailed bucket list. Good luck with your first novel. :)

  7. I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out my site at http://newkidintown1995.blogspot.com for the rules and guidelines.

  8. Finally dropping by from the blog hop, and congrats on publishing! Best of luck to you, and thanks for commenting on my post!


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