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2013 - A New Year & A New Attitude

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2013 Goals

There are so many things I want to do in 2013 and I could go crazy listing them all. To accomplish the entirety, I could micro manage myself to death, but through the years I have found doing that only gives me fuel to doubt myself when the list is still wavering with a long tail of unattained accomplishments at the end of the year.
So I decided to use a different approach this year.  I really need some positive feedback and a way to bolster my attitude and stay focused and positive. I will still have my BIG GOALS, but this year I am going to break things out into smaller activities, so I can see that my efforts have accomplished something, even if I don't finish my book or get published in 2013.
After working three years on my novel and still at the editing phase, I am feeling a bit deflated. So in 2013 I will write down each small step in my final edit. I am hoping this will encourage me and keep any momentum going.  I also plan on working with another person in a writing group I follow, hoping we can cheer each other on. We want to try to write 1000 words a day.
Supporting each other during the weekly and daily struggles, I am hoping that we can each accomplish much this year. 
Best of luck to all other writers out there…
I hope we can all share and support each other in 2013. Writing can be very lonely and overwhelming, with the end never really in sight. Together we can take small steps each day and work towards our big goal.
Resolution #1 -  WRITE EVERYDAY



  1. Oh, the editing phase! Good luck with your resolutions. I hear you... Added my own to the ring here:

    Happy new year!

  2. Writing everday is a great idea and ambitious. I decided to shoot for 5 days a week. I hope you make it.
    Here’s my Writing Resolution blog hop

  3. Breaking goals into small chunks makes such a difference. You get to celebrate all of those small victories instead of beating yourself up for not reaching the pie in the sky one. Good luck with the editing. I tend to get stuck in the phase and have to force myself to move on. Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Yes, since one of my resolutions is to be more sociable in the New Year, count me in to be your writer pal. I'm stopping by from the ball. Happy New Year, Elisabeth.

  5. Elisabeth-

    Yes, take it “bird by bird” as Anne Lamott suggested to her brother ̶ that is what I am doing with my novel. I looked up the word “resolution” in a thesaurus and these other words are synonymous with it: fortitude, perseverance, determination. These are the qualities we writers must hold onto throughout the years of working on our books, but at times these qualities may wane and be let out on long lines…but hopfully they are there. There are things we can do to help foster them, like eating healthy, exercising, meditating, doing yoga, and being in the company of positive people.

    Please visit my blog and Writing Resolutions 2013, maybe there is a kernel of inspiration there for you?

    Regards & Happy New Year,

    Stephanie Renée dos Santos

  6. Good luck with your editing. It is basically where I am at. I have several shells of novels, the problem is, which one to start with. I do have 3 good chapters of one novel, but it doesn't really have an ending. So I plan to chunk my writing into 30 day periods.

    Hope you have a good new year.

  7. Elisabeth -

    It took me 7 years to write my first novel! That includes the time it took to get it published (but even then, I was editing to the last minute, as I always do :))

    My own resolution post is titled “Five Writing Truths That Should Be Obvious but Aren’t”… and my resolution this year is to keep them in mind.

    Hope 2013 brings you lots of good things, both writerly and non-writerly!

  8. Elizabeth, Sounds like you've got a couple of good, attainable goals. I'm sure your can do it, if you set your mind to it.

    You wrote: "write down each small step in my final edit. I am hoping this will encourage me and keep any momentum going."

    This idea was interesting to me as I have started doing something similar, only with the first draft of a new memoir. I got bogged down with all the research, no diaries or journals to refer to, and the fact there are no reliable sources of information.

    So, I did what you have suggested on my writer's blog. It took a while to get it going, but it's working now, one small step at a time. And indeed it has helped my momentum.

    If you come to my site (, you'll see what I mean.

  9. Amen on the small steps. Nothing like a good list of "to do's" crossed off and the feeling of accomplishment that even the small tasks can bring.

  10. Writing every day - ambitious and something I am shooting for although I didn't include it in my resolutions. Just trying to focus on consistent effort at this point. Drop by my blog when you get a chance!


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