Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4 Things To Help Make A Happy Thanksgiving

Four things to remember as you hustle to get their work finished and travel to family and friends.

#1 Once you're out the door - forget about it! 

Enjoy your time off, and appreciate the time away from work. Not everyone gets the holiday time off to spend with their families. I'm not just talking about the stores gearing up to make money - I mean the police departments, nurses, emergency crews and many more public servants - they all work holidays, too. I thank them all for their dedication. So if you have the time off be thankful.

#2 Travel safely and be courteous.

The anxiety is high as people swarm to the airports, trains or pile onto the highway. Traffic is congested more so during this holiday than any other in the USA - so take care, especially if the weather interferes with the road conditions. It only takes a minute to smile at another person and that can make a better day for everyone around you.

#3 Keep the past in the past - Open the door to a new memory.

Being with family can be a nice time, sharing happy memories - but it can also be filled with anxiety. When the door opens and we step into old familiar grounds, sometimes the past comes to life again. 

Remember who you are now and don't relive any past bad episodes. Forget about it! Let yourself be happy and remind yourself that everyone grows - and most of us become better people. Drudging up the past bad memories does no one any favors.

#4 Since it is Thanksgiving, do the obvious - count your blessings.
cornucopia by George Grimm Howell

Give yourself a break and don't go down the road of I should of - 
you should of .... 

Instead take a look at your life and be happy for what you have going for yourself - not just material stuff here folks. 

For starters, you're alive. If you are reading this post - you can read! Believe it or not, there are still many people in the world who do not, so you are fortunate.

If you have family around, again you have opportunities that many lonely people do not have... 

If you don't have a close family, go out and make one. Find people who you enjoy being with and who you can talk with - because that's what a family is all about - complete acceptance, no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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