Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Use Your Downtime To Imagine Characters

Another holiday has come upon us, and we share our family traditions with others around us, or relax and enjoy the quiet time away from the hassle of work.  Either way, it is a great day to give the writer in you fuel for more writing.

Watch the people around you, the crazy relatives, the busy neighbor, or the noisy children playing with their new video games.

If you spent the day in solace, it is still a great time to think of new ideas for your stories.
Either way, use your time while you unwind to be creative with your imaginary characters... tomorrow we will all be writing again.

Watch for funny quirks, facial movements, reactions, strange clothes, weirdo hairstyles, nervous twitches or bizarre ramblings....  they just may make a great attribute for one of your characters.

Keep reading - Keep writing!

Happy holidays

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Countdown To Holiday Season - Think Minimize!

Store front covered in lights
Now that the official Thanksgiving holiday is over, and we had black Friday shopping days (which turned into weeks this year), now we are all bombarded with the annual store count downs...

The leading department stores  need our sales to meet all the sales' projections they reported.  So they throw ads at us - coming from every direction - and we are led to buy things we didn't even know we wanted!  We are sheep being led to the cash registers.

I am pleading to all who read my posts - this year think about what is really important to YOU.  Minimize the list.  Don't just buy something because it's on sale, or because you think you have to give a gift, or feel guilty for cutting back...

I am proposing that we all cut back, and buy only what is truly needed to give as gifts, only purchase thoughtful gifts instead of expensive, and remember we cannot buy love or affection.

New idea - Book Christmas tree
One more idea - if you do want to give someone a thoughtful and loving gift, then please purchase a book!  It is a gift that opens minds and keeps giving, over and over again.

With this minimal approach
 we will gain much -  
  • peace of mind  
  • more time to talk with our neighbors, and loved ones
  • more time to write and read.   To me - that is a holiday gift in itself!

Keep reading - Keep writing!