Friday, June 15, 2012

“Secrets” Revealed- some good info for self pub

Book Authors: Amazon “Secrets” Revealed

Please find the attached article from The Indie Times about how to categorize on Amazon.

Once a book is listed, you need to go back and add categories that were not available to you when you first load.

 I will be loading a book for my sister soon, and this information is very valuable to make sure it gets into the right searches. - Thank you Phyllis for the article.

Also here is another great article in The Indie Times by Neal Wooten.  I couldn't agree with him more...

Write...Just Write

Sorry such a small post - I need to get back to writing.  Even my favorite author Earnest had to invest hours of time.   I can't compare myself to his genius, but I do want to write.  Have a great weekend.

Enjoy this song that has been an inspiration to me for years....and still is.  
      Let It Be

Friday, June 8, 2012

Listen, to be a better writer

Last Sunday I caught a show on PBS - Ed Sullivan's Rock and Roll Classics - The Sixties
The music is unforgettable.  I was amused as the familiar tunes played. Hearing the words once again, my youthful memories surfaced.  I listened to the songs with care free innocence long ago, and I still hear the music the same way today.

I got up and started to dance with the music, becoming revitalized with the melodies.  Then it occurred to me, I still feel the same way inside. After all these years, my mindset is steadfast, based on the same beliefs and thoughts as years ago.

The songs coined as “for the young" are actually much more. The timeless songs are a state of mind, and a declaration of our thoughts. These ideals have lasted decades, and still not fading because they resonate true throughout time and space.

Like Sly from the Family Stone said “Thank you for letting us be ourselves."
I believe in those words - then and now.
Sly and the Family Stone - Thank You

Just like the Turtles sang "Imagine how the world would be so happy together."
I believe in these words still today.
Turtles- Happy Together

So as times change, technology increases, and we communicate differently - we still are the same inside. It was a revolution to think global peace is possible, to be free, then and now. We want to encourage tolerance and acceptance, and we want to be loved. Nothing is changed. 
The Beat Goes On

Even though I write fiction, some of these beliefs sneak into the story, expressing part of myself and my ideals.  The characters we develop in our fiction are based on our experiences and our own emotions.  After all, we can’t write about something we don’t know or understand.  That’s why we need to be open and to listen, so we can be better writers.

Link to PBS:

Memorable music appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" from the 1960s. Included: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, the Beach Boys, the Animals, the Mamas and the Papas, the Young Rascals, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Petula Clark, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Sly and the Family Stone, Tommy James and Herman's Hermits. Paul Shaffer and T.J. Lubinsky host.
Ed Sullivan's Rock and Roll Classics---The Sixties

Friday, June 1, 2012

Preparing to write a query letter

I had a moment of joy! This week I finally finished any re-writing of my manuscript. The end is so close. The excitement lasted for a total of ten minutes. Now finishing with a final reading edit, at the same time I am researching what needs to be included when writing a query letter. This is apparently challenging for many, me included, meshing the entire idea of the manuscript into a few paragraphs. The wording needs to be concise, riveting and accurate.

Then I realized it is not the entire idea that has to be concentrated into a tiny space, instead the letter needs create excitement for the person I query.  It should create the desire to read it.  In other words - market my manuscript. Ah! Marketing, it always boils down to those 9 letters.

Marketing 101:  create demand - make them want it....

A query letter needs to be short - no more than a page. 

It needs to have a hook. Create a buzz, and make them want to pick it up and read it. Instead of just trying to surmise the entire manuscript into a small paragraph, pitch the story using the pivotal point in which the story begins - what sets the actions into play...

Then try to take a bow somehow. This will be a challenge since I have nothing published to tout, but still I have finished a manuscript, it counts for something.
There is so much information out there to help, but I believe the best advice I have heard so far is to take the time to write the query letter correctly.  A few words on a page can make a big difference if they are written with thoughtful care.

Here are some sites where I found helpful information.

Videos - 

Nathan Bransford - was a literary agent now author

Elizabeth Lyon - video on writing query letter  

Song in my head this week ...

Yanni World Tour 2012-2013   Recently caught the show here at the Orpheum - strongly recommend you check it out if you get a chance - music without borders!

Yanni - Armenian duduk & best violinist