Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Today begins pay it forward weekend.

Spread the word!  Many have already posted random acts of kindness on the Facebook Event Page.  One woman gave out plants to two random shoppers, another bought someone's breakfast, and someone donated knitting needles.  Some who have joined the event expressed that 'everyday we should practice being kind to others'.  

Simple things can change a person's day and outlook.

Not only buying things, but giving our time as well.

I started by calling some elderly relatives.  We get so busy and wrapped up in our work and daily lives, and forget that our older loved ones are often lonely.  Some are shut ins without much contact.  A small piece of your time helps.

There are also some people asking for help too.  Go over to Facebook and check out the event  - YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN

What can you do to help keep things moving?

It's a personal choice and it's up to you.  Check out details here.
Facebook Event - Pay it forward weekend    
I hope everyone has a great weekend - and pass it on...

Keep reading - Keep writing!

Random acts of kindness caught on video -



Elderly man reacts to music - small things make big difference.  I watched this and it brought me JOY.


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