Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SMILE - Do YOU Need Something To READ During Thanksgiving Holiday? - FREE eBook for YOU

 These are trying times,
 lots of problems all around us, but this time of year helps us to remember and understand the important things in our lives -  our consciousness of those around us, our reaching out to loved ones - and strangers too.  Just to add a smile to someone's day is a giving thing... 


So I hope you are smiling now.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday the eBook 

 Breaking Cursed Bonds will be  FREE from Thursday November 21st through November 23rd.

Get a copy now if you were thinking of reading a new book during your travels to visit family and friends for holiday, or if you just want to sit alone in a cozy chair, and enjoy a good family drama, filled with ancient curses, and spiritual ceremonies that leap into other realms of the supernatural.

If you like reading paperbacks -
the book is $12.99 in the Create Space shopping page, but I just noticed it listed at a reduced price on Amazon for $10.51 - so grab it now!

I was not planning on doing 'free days' with KDP since Prime Members can borrow in the KDP Library any day for free, however it is the last chance to run a promotion during the initial 90 days - So I am offering the eBook - hoping you will enjoy the opportunity.  If you have already purchased a copy, THANK YOU!  Please use this opportunity to send a free copy to a friend who might enjoy the story too.
It is all about the story!  Again this year I participated in NaNoWriMo and just finished logging in my final word count for this year, and I am wishing  to everyone who joined the ranks and wrote their hearts out this month  'Good luck!'  During the promotion for the free eBook Breaking Cursed Bonds,  I will be traveling to New England to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I truly hope that all of you in the United States have a good holiday and are counting your blessings.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Please enjoy the free story. 

Keep reading - Keep writing!

Photography by George Hodan

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