Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marketing Can Be Fun - As Long As You Remember....

You read it right - Marketing can be fun.  It allows you to try new ideas, dream up something stirring, playful, insightful, but remember these wise words...

"Perfection is the opposite of good" 

I am quoting a VP boss I used to have a few years back when I worked as a buyer for a major manufacturer.  It was an artsy place with a culture all its own, and it was a great place to learn with so many great mentors who made themselves accessible.

The moral behind his words is -

If you try to be perfect, you will never get anything finished... 

Nothing is ever perfect.
So any Independent thinker should take heed - try your best effort.  By all means do the best work you can, but then let go.  Don't be afraid of imperfection to a fault.  Learn from your mistakes so your next work will be even better, but don't put road blocks in front of your path.  Strip your ego, just a bit.

We do not live in a perfect world, we cannot control everything, and not everyone will be enjoy your work.  Once you realize this, you can move forward and allow yourself the right to do your art, write your words and make something today.

Here is my first trailer video for my newly released novel BREAKING CURSED BONDS 

It is available as eBook at Amazon.com
(Paperback coming soon.) 

I hope you enjoy it.

Keep reading - Keep writing!

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