Friday, June 15, 2012

“Secrets” Revealed- some good info for self pub

Book Authors: Amazon “Secrets” Revealed

Please find the attached article from The Indie Times about how to categorize on Amazon.

Once a book is listed, you need to go back and add categories that were not available to you when you first load.

 I will be loading a book for my sister soon, and this information is very valuable to make sure it gets into the right searches. - Thank you Phyllis for the article.

Also here is another great article in The Indie Times by Neal Wooten.  I couldn't agree with him more...

Write...Just Write

Sorry such a small post - I need to get back to writing.  Even my favorite author Earnest had to invest hours of time.   I can't compare myself to his genius, but I do want to write.  Have a great weekend.

Enjoy this song that has been an inspiration to me for years....and still is.  
      Let It Be

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