Friday, June 1, 2012

Preparing to write a query letter

I had a moment of joy! This week I finally finished any re-writing of my manuscript. The end is so close. The excitement lasted for a total of ten minutes. Now finishing with a final reading edit, at the same time I am researching what needs to be included when writing a query letter. This is apparently challenging for many, me included, meshing the entire idea of the manuscript into a few paragraphs. The wording needs to be concise, riveting and accurate.

Then I realized it is not the entire idea that has to be concentrated into a tiny space, instead the letter needs create excitement for the person I query.  It should create the desire to read it.  In other words - market my manuscript. Ah! Marketing, it always boils down to those 9 letters.

Marketing 101:  create demand - make them want it....

A query letter needs to be short - no more than a page. 

It needs to have a hook. Create a buzz, and make them want to pick it up and read it. Instead of just trying to surmise the entire manuscript into a small paragraph, pitch the story using the pivotal point in which the story begins - what sets the actions into play...

Then try to take a bow somehow. This will be a challenge since I have nothing published to tout, but still I have finished a manuscript, it counts for something.
There is so much information out there to help, but I believe the best advice I have heard so far is to take the time to write the query letter correctly.  A few words on a page can make a big difference if they are written with thoughtful care.

Here are some sites where I found helpful information.

Videos - 

Nathan Bransford - was a literary agent now author

Elizabeth Lyon - video on writing query letter  

Song in my head this week ...

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Yanni - Armenian duduk & best violinist

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